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Searching for a better way to get a lush, green lawn without having to spend countless hours of trial and error?

Bulldog Sod & Fertilizer offers residential and commercial lawn fertilization services in northern Utah.

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What Do Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Do For You?

Simply put you can do more with less. With rising costs, tighter budgets and increased environmental considerations now is the time to take advantage of EEF’s. They save you time and money and deliver the piece of mind of knowing that more of the fertilizer you are buying is being utilized by the plant.

  • Better on the environment
  • Better preventive weed control
  • Crabgrass & grub control
  • Less mowing
  • Longer, more consistent feed times
  • Better plant health
  • Free callbacks

If you are searching for a better way to get a lush, green lawn without having to spend countless hours of trial and error, look no further! Bulldog Sod & Fertilizer offers residential and commercial lawn fertilization services in northern Utah.

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Weed Prevention

We use longer lasting weed prevention products that work in the soil to eliminate weeds early, before they sprout in your lawn.

Weed Control

We use multiple weed control products over the course of the season to ensure you get the best and most effective weed control possible.

Quality Fertilizers

Our custom fertilizer blend is designed for people who are looking for a better quality lawn. Your lawn will get exactly what it needs when it needs it most.

This is a great company to work with! They are very experienced
and knowledgeable and have created a high quality product.
As a Landscape Contractor, it’s the only fertilizer we will install!

- Nathan D.

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Black Magic Fertilizer
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Nitrogen in the soil is the most important element for plant development. It is required in larger amounts and must be added to the soil to avoid deficiencies. Use to much nitrogen and your lawn may grow too lush, and have increased disease problems. Too much nitrogen can reduce the lawn grass tolerance to high and low temperature stress
Zinc: helps the plants produce chlorophyll. Leaves discolor when the soil is deficient in zinc and plant growth is stunted. Zinc deficiency causes a type of leaf discoloration called chlorosis, which causes the tissue between the veins to turn yellow while the veins remain green.
Potassium: is a macronutrient. Without potassium, your grass would be stunted and yellowed. Potassium helps the grass build thicker cell walls, which strengthens the plant so it can withstand external stresses such as drought, heat, cold and disease.
Fushion is the process in which nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and Zinc are fused into a singular granule. Traditional blends need 3 separate granulars to accomplish this. We then coat each granular in Iron and humic. Now every granular has key nutrients, where your traditional bag often lacks many of these nutrients and are applied as “here a little and there a little.” This entire process empowers you to apply fertilizer that contains additional nutrients in a more balanced approach.
Phosphorus stimulates root growth and enhances plant vigor early in the plant’s life. Phosphorus is most important when grass is first establishing, and remains important as new blades of grass continue to grow. The presence of phosphorus helps keep the lawn lush and thick. Healthy grass roots are better able to absorb nutrients from the soil. Not enough phosphorous in the soil results in weaker grass roots.
Iron is a micro nutrient that helps grass achieve a dark green color. Lawns with a pale green color and or yellow tint often times lack iron. We use a unique iron that is coated on every granular for a more uniform distribution and plant uptake. This iron is formulated for both quick and long term results.
Sulfur: Sulfur helps plants produce proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins and aids in growth, and seed formation

At Bulldog Sod & Fertilizer, our experts specialize at treating dull lawns into thick, beautiful lawns with our enhanced efficiency fertilizers. We offer a FREE lawn analysis during which we’ll work with you to determine your needs and develop a game plan to reach your green lawn goals.

Bulldog Sod & Fertilizer is locally owned and operated in Layton, Utah, which means that we have extensive knowledge of the soil in northern Utah areas to yield the best results. We offer a free evaluation of your lawn and landscape areas where we analyze the soil, look for evidence of turf disease, and examine the existing quality of your grass weed or insect problems. At the end of this evaluation, we will blend together a lawn fertilizer treatment program that is specifically customized for your lawn and use it to help you achieve the lush, healthy green lawn you’ve always wanted.

The right lawn fertilizer can do wonders for any lawn, transforming it in no time at all. Yet finding the right blend of fertilizer and determining how much you should use can be confusing. What lawn fertilizer to use? When to fertilize? How much fertilizer? The truth is, lawn care is a science and Bulldog Sod & Fertilizer has perfected it!

Working with Bulldog Sod & Fertilizer takes out all of the guesswork and hassle associated with fertilizing a lawn. Our tailored approach ensures that your northern Utah lawn receives the exact kind and amount of fertilizer it needs to grow to its full potential. We put the effort and research into getting it right the first time and provide you with a top-quality lawn. We perform lawn fertilization in stages in order to ensure optimal results. With every lawn we fertilize, we stand by our services.

Call to speak with our friendly staff about your treatment program.

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We have 4 Sod Farms!

All of our Sod Farms are located along the Wasatch Front. We service Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Morgan, and Cache Counties. If you live outside of these areas still feel free to request a quote or contact us and we will let you know if we can fulfill your order.

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